Wine Cellars to Die For

Posted on March 13th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Wine Cellars to Die For

That Cabernet Sauvignon from Colgin Cellars deserves a storage space that is rich in extras — quality hardwoods, eco-friendly wood finishes that add luster and shine, and adjustable shelving with plenty of alcoves and cubbies for housing the various shapes of modern vintages. Perhaps most important of all is the contemporary cellar’s ability to retain its temperature and humidity. Connoisseurs of fine wine know what they want and need in a wine cellar and today’s custom builders are more than willing to stretch the limits of function and imagination to give residential clients the luxury wine cellars of their dreams. According to custom builder David Spon, speaking with Food & Wine Magazine, wine aficionados today prefer function and usability with a bit of pretty thrown in for good measure.

A Space to Entertain

A major argument for keeping pricey bottles of vintage wine is having somewhere to show them off. The modern wine cellar is as likely to come with out-of-the-room seating as it is with wine. Homeowners want to spend time surrounded by their vintage bottles, and they would like space for their guests to join them — hence the wine-tasting room. Cozy seating just outside of the contemporary wine cellar is a big plus.

Room to Work

Work space is another request of many clients who opt for the custom, in-home wine cellar. Tables and countertops for sorting and organizing bottles make displaying and putting them away that much easier.


Shelving that’s adjustable, a combination of storage options for both individual bottles and full cases, and a way to organize wine by region all top the list of what today’s oenophile says they want and need in a functional wine cellar. Double-deep shelving, diamond bins and magnum racks are necessities. Add a space for displaying beloved empties, and you have a wine cellar to die for.

Luxury Finishes

From sealed, natural-stone flooring to high-end stains and waxes, contemporary wine cellars lend competition to favorite hang-outs of old. If the heart of the home was once the kitchen, it’s now the climate, moisture and sunlight controlled basement. Homeowners who appreciate the solitude of spending time among their favorite collectible wines want all the finest finishes available.

Perfectly Chilled Wine

The most important element of a good wine cellar, it’s ability to store precious vintages at the perfect temperature, depends on the type of cooling system installed and the type and amount of insulation used in building it. Simply setting aside an unused room and labeling it a wine cellar is insufficient to say the least. According to wine-cellar experts, Joseph and Curtis, inadequate cooling systems or too-little insulation are major contributors to wine cellars that don’t properly moderate moisture and temperature.

Wine enthusiasts who consider investing in a state-of-the-art, at-home wine cellar ensure that their wines stay in perfect condition. Creating an attractive space that houses a wide assortment of favorite vintages and making it attractive and convenient enough that guests actually enjoy spending time there makes the effort worth it. The modern wine cellar is more high-end entertainment area than it is storage space. The perfect, to-die-for wine cellar is versatile and efficient, cozy and luxurious, warm and inviting. It takes all the best elements of innovative organization and combines it seamlessly with fine, old woods and stimulating conversation.