Top Custom Leather Boutiques in Texas

Posted on May 29th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Top Custom Leather Boutiques in Texas

Texas, famous for cowboys, wide-open spaces, and cattle, is also home to some of the finest silversmiths and leather outfitters in the world. Those looking for over-the-top luxury leather goods need to look no further. Whether it’s finely tailored fashion for a night out in the big city, a new saddle for a barely broken in steed, a custom made pair of boots or hand crafted accessories that stand the test of time, Texas leather workers, like the bold mantra of the state itself, are just better. Though there are many quality dealers, here are some of the finest leather shops in the Lone Star State.

Kline Saddlery
The old school cowboys at Kline Saddlery know from years of experience what makes a first-class saddle. Utilizing the best leathers — which are hand-rubbed with oil and colored by the sun — owner Tom Kline designs supple, rugged products that he builds from scratch. Once an apprentice of the best saddle makers in the world, Kline deftly combines beauty and integrity for saddles that are not only comfortable, attractive and practical, but also long lasting and durable. Western saddles and saddle bags are the main inventory, but Kline also makes elegant briefcases and purses, delicately carved belts and novelty items to order.

Texas Leather Goods
Leather is more than a material; it’s a character, one that many discerning homeowners opt to incorporate into their homes. At Texas Leather Goods, creating a distinctive western atmosphere is as simple as ordering a hide. Expertly enhanced by a knowledgeable team, the premium leathers available at this wholesale warehouse come in many shades, patterns, weights and textures. Embossing, stenciling and dying are common treatments, so clients with an eye for drama can enjoy leopard, zebra and neon skins that make for eye-catching and unique drapes, bed throws, rugs and upholstery.

Cowhide Western Furniture
An elegantly appointed home requires more than a cowhide rug and leather throw, leather furnishings are classic, comfortable and sophisticated in a way other fabrics and materials are not. At Cowhide Western Furniture, handcrafted furnishings are as unique and individual as the client who orders them. The pieces are all handmade in Texas, and any order is customizable, whether it’s a chaise lounge or a dining room chair. The woodwork is equally stunning, with intricately carved decorations and rich stains that complement the western flavor of the products. Cowhide Western Furniture also protects its esteemed customers with an impressive warranty that guarantees their work against the ravages of time.

James Madison
Master craftsman in both leather and metal, James Madison creates one-of-a-kind, elaborately detailed goods as imagined by his clients. Frequented and recommended by Texas Rangers, Police and Sheriffs, Madison designs belts, bags, holsters and book-covers with optional enhancements like engraving, and embellishments like silver, gold, semi-precious and precious stones. All pieces are custom and made to order, and refurbishments are also welcome.

Lee Miller at Texas Traditions
It may be next to impossible to secure a place on his wait list, but the best cowboy boot maker in the world is Lee Miller. Having apprenticed with the original master boot maker, Charlie Dunn, Lee Miller at Texas Traditions builds every boot custom for the client, many of whom are recognizably famous. Using old school practices, high quality leathers and uniquely sourced trims, each pair of shoes is a work of art, and as such, many buyers end up collecting rather than wearing them. Wait times are long and prices are high, but these exceptional boots are guaranteed to last 25 years or more, and impress any native Texan with whom they cross paths.

Finding high quality leather goods in Texas is a simple task, but finding a master craftsman requires insider knowledge. Whether it’s a new saddle for a prized horse or custom-made furnishings for a western-style home, Texas has the elite artisans that can turn a simple skin from a common cow into a prized possession. Leather purists know, deep in the heart of Texas is an elegantly tooled hide.