Tips for Luxury Landscape Design

Posted on September 23rd, by admin in Lifestyle.

Tips for Luxury Landscape Design

Creating a luxurious atmosphere for the outside of your home is just as important as your interior design. Even if your yard is mainly for you and your family, it is still the last puzzle piece in the creation of a truly luxurious home environment. The types of plants you choose, their colors and the arrangements all contribute to creating a cohesive aesthetic. Pull together a landscape you love, and will love to share.

First Impressions Count

What visitors see when they come to your home can have a huge impact on first impressions. If you have a long sidewalk, consider framing it with some eye-catching shrubbery or ground cover. If you have a stone path, consider investing in some visually interesting paving stones. For a luxury feel, try paving stones that are set in an intricate pattern like herringbone or materials like granite. You can use a multi-dimensional layer of plantings along the path, such as flowers and grasses, to define the space and make it more unique.

Make the Most of the Space You Have

Whether your yard is long and narrow, short and wide, or an irregular shape, use the space to your advantage. For a more cozy look, arrange planters to create smaller spaces in the yard. Use ornamental metal or stone planters to make a style statement. If you want an open view, place taller trees, shrubs and grasses toward the edges of the yard.

Use Accents Well

A few well-chosen focal pieces, such as fountains or sculptures, are much more effective than cluttering your yard with a multitude of small objects. If you want a natural look, select pieces that are not only made from natural materials, but also retain shapes similar to those found in nature. Large rocks, rock sculptures or rough-hewn water features are great pieces for maintaining a more natural feel in your yard. For a more refined look, delicate accent pieces such as wrought iron sculptures, lights or statues are good choices. A lavish water feature can also help add a touch of elegance to your yard. Fine’s Gallery offers a wide selection of fountains in material such as marble and bronze, which would fit will in a more refined landscape design project.

Try Unusual Plants

Luxury yards often utilize exotic flowers and shrubbery to create a unique look. Try something that has a unique color to brighten up your yard, such as a bird of paradise flower or a blue sausage fruit. Gardino Nursery, a family-owned business that grows and collects rare plants, is a great resource and they offer plants like the silk floss tree. You can also try adding a more standard plant in an unexpected setting, such as using cacti in an ornamental arrangement. Make sure that any exotics chosen are suitable to grow in your climate.

These are just a few tips for giving your home a more luxury landscape design. It can be helpful to sit down and sketch out your ideas on paper to get a better feel for how you want to use the space before you start to buy plants or call a contractor. You might also want to try coming up with a list of style inspirations from the interior of your house to take outside, which will keep the overall decor of your home cohesive.