The World’s Top 5 Luxury Sports Cars

Posted on May 15th, by admin in Lifestyle.

The World’s Top 5 Luxury Sports Cars

The motor car has come a long way during the last century.  While cars are still the world’s most used form of transport, purchasing decisions are often based on aesthetic and performance considerations.  Of course, a car is an essential mode of transport, but it is much more than that.  A car is often a statement of success; it can also be a reflection of a person’s personality. There are some models on sale today that take design and feats of engineering to a whole new and exciting level.  These 5 cars in particular are made with style, power and impact in mind – they turn heads wherever they go!

The Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang
You will need to scour the used car markets for one of these little beauties, as only five were ever produced.  At a cool $3.8 million, the Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang was easily one of the most expensive road cars ever developed.  It created a real stir during its launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007 when people discovered it could achieve a speed of 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds.  Bargain hunters are in luck, as this stunning car can now be picked up for less than $2 million – if you can find anyone that wants to sell!

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II
No mention of the world’s most luxurious cars could pass without mentioning the Rolls-Royce brand.  The iconic British car manufacturer is synonymous with class and wealth, and the latest Phantom has taken that quintessential class to a whole new level.   Classic Rolls-Royce style is still found in abundance, but the Phantom Series II has been brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  A 9-inch multimedia screen offers full internet access, front and rear-view cameras, satellite navigation and a vast selection of other ingenious gadgets.  Optional extras include refrigerators – perfect for chilling champagne – and heated rear seats.  Leather and oak panelling deliver the iconic style that lovers of the brand expect, and at $400,000, many believe that it provides value for money – something the leading sports car brands can’t always match.

The Mercedes Benz Maybach
It is widely believed that the modern automobile was invented by Karl Benz in 1886, so it would be interesting to find out what the great man would have made of his company’s latest luxury car.  The Maybach has the elegance of a Bentley, yet its V12, twin-turbo engine is capable of 180 miles per hour!  This car comes with over two million customisable variations, including the color of the carpets, the type of wood used on the steering wheel and individual entertainment centers for every passenger!  German cars are built to last, so the Landaulet model’s $1.4 million price-tag may not seem so expensive after all!

The Porsche Carrera GT3
If you want to experience a level power usually reserved for professional Formula One and Indy car drivers, the Porsche Carrera GT3 is the car for you.  This is a car that can top 140 miles per hour in less than 10 seconds, and it has a jaw-dropping top speed of 230 miles per hour.  Despite this car’s obvious power and style, it will only set you back a mere $400,000 – which is small change when compared to other luxury cars on the market these days.  A unique ceramic material has been utilised in the manufacturing of the car’s clutch, so the engine can be located closer to the road – greatly improving the car’s handling.

The Audi A1 Diamond Edition
Did you know that diamonds are a car’s best friend?  Audi’s A1 Diamond Edition is sold with an exclusive diamond necklace and a range of branded cosmetics.  However, the car’s crowning glory is a stylish gearstick that features 24 dazzling diamonds.  This stunning car is replete with stylish features, modern style and elegance.  However, one of the most impressive aspects of owning an Audi A1 Diamond Edition is that only 57 were ever made, so you won’t see them parked on your neighbors’ driveways.  At a mere $100,000, it could be the ideal birthday surprise for that someone special in your life!

Cars are possibly the ultimate symbol of freedom.  They allow people to explore the world at will; they allow people to become one with raw power; they allow people to truly express themselves.  These five cars all send their own, very unique message, and they all have style, power and elegance to burn.