Texas Ocean Getaways: Luxury Cruises from the Gulf of Mexico

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Texas Ocean Getaways: Luxury Cruises from the Gulf of Mexico

Texas Ocean Getaways: Luxury Cruises from the Gulf of Mexico

This vacation season, you know you’re going to pay for accommodations, transportation, dining and entertainment. From a practical standpoint, it is just more logical to pay for them all at once before you go and put your gold card away. Cruising is entering a new reconnaissance as travelers have begun to take longer trips where they can focus more on the experience than the destination.

Cruises used to be about great ports for shopping or local nightlife, but recent years have turned that around with the cruise ship itself become a floating destination of its own. Wandering the decks you will find water parks, shops, cafes and casinos. Next year, Princess Cruises will be adding a SeaWalk made of glass, similar to the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk, extending 28 feet over the side of the ship and look down into the ocean 128 feet below. Norwegian will be starting a series of city-themed ships, starting with New York and Miami, recreating the iconic cities on board with authentic touches like corner hot-dog stands and boardwalks.

Texas is fortunate to have its own two ports — Houston and Galveston — featuring luxury cruise departures to exotic destinations. Galveston is just is 50 miles southwest of Houston and this little resort island with quaint shops and cobblestone streets has become the biggest cruise departure port in Texas. Here’s a look at some of the top cruise lines that will pamper you all the way to your next adventure.


Royal Caribbean – The grand old lady of cruise lines has old world splendor right beside brand new innovations like rock climbing walls. Scuba and snorkel enthusiasts will find a forgotten paradise under the sea with a cruise to Belize City, Belize.

Disney – The original Pirate of the Caribbean is the newcomer to the cruise circuit, with service starting just before the turn of the millennium. Newer ships translate into more comfortable quarters. The top choice is a quick cruise along the Gulf Coast to Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, with fireworks over the open ocean along the way.

Princess – Luxury means choice, and Princess was the one to introduce choice into the traditionally closed program of dining times on cruises. Anytime Dining removed the stress from scheduling dinner and opened up the option of an exclusive “Chef’s Table” appointment, with champagne and hors d’oevoures among VIPs. Make the time for a trip across the Atlantic for Ponta Delgada in the Azores or the artist’s dream city of Brugge.


Norwegian – One of the first cruise lines remains one of the best. Five star dining and entertainment are their specialties. You may prefer to stay on board at ports to enjoy the French Mediterranean and Asian Fusion epicurean spectacles and performances from Blue Man Group and Cirque de Soleil. Take a break from the onboard casinos to same untouched wilderness in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras.

There are many more cruises and destinations to choose from once you understand what your priorities are and how they align with specialties of each cruise line. Take some time to investigate all the little ways that cruising can become a wholly unique travel experience. The quiet moments you share at night with the moon’s reflection spread across the waves can make up for years of hard travel.