Southern Comfort: True Southern Luxury for Your Home

Posted on May 22nd, by admin in Lifestyle.

Southern Comfort: True Southern Luxury for Your Home

What is Southern luxury all about? It is all in the details, and it is not about simplicity. Inviting porches, spacious parlors and elegant style and comfort are all part of living in a luxury home in Texas.

According to Editor in Chief Lindsay Bierman at Southern Living Magazine, Southern interior design is focused on one concept, “relaxed elegance.” She explains that Southern hospitality is found not only in the people of the South, but in their homes, as well. Qualities of grace, warmth and personality are found in luxury homes in Texas. In an effective Southern design, the space looks comfortable as well as chic. Here is how to give your Texas home a comfortably chic look.


When most people think of the South, they immediately think of plantation homes with grandiose columns. Inspired by the palaces of Rome and Italy, columns are an iconic architectural element commonly found in homes in the South, especially in Texas. Indeed, when it comes to interior design, the Southern plantation serves as an effective design inspiration for Texas homeowners who want to capture the regal and upscale qualities of a Southern plantation home.

Interior Decorating

Antiques are a favorite among most Southern designers. Ornate French antique pieces, like those found at Le Louvre French Antiques in Dallas, Texas, look visually appealing when combined with other Southern design elements, such as grandiose wall mirrors and detailed wall sconces.

Visually welcoming a guest into your home, antique chandeliers are another popular item in a luxury home in Texas. Legacy Antiques has a wide selection of antique chandeliers, with prices ranging from $1,950 to $12,500, which are sure to add the perfect touch to your home.

As an added design element, large wall mural paintings serve as an effective focal point in a Southern estate setting. And don’t forget the windows. Elaborate curtains that decorate white wooden window frames are commonly found in Texas homes.


In a luxurious Texas home, Georgian-style furniture is often arranged in an intimate setting where soft lighting is utilized to creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Deep colors such as warm reds may be used, giving the space an air of opulence and luxury.

Handmade padded fabric headboards are another popular element in Southern design. This is because they add the visual element of comfort to a bedroom space. Available in a large variety of premium fabrics, padded headboards give the space a royal touch of class and elegance.

Comfort and Elegance

In modern Southern interiors, the past and the present are brought together in the selection of elements in the home. Pairing an antique next to something with a modern piece creates an updated and more comfortable living space. For example, a designer may effectively place a modern set of chairs next to an antique French mirror. When it comes to modern Southern design in Texas, comfort and elegance take center stage.