Luxury Wallpaper For Your Home

Posted on May 29th, by admin in Lifestyle, Real Estate.

Luxury Wallpaper For Your Home

With thousands of potential designs to choose from, wallpaper can add a great deal of color, style, and personality to any home. When choosing wallpaper, you can go to department stores, browse through online decorating shops, or can simply hire an interior decorator to help you choose the right wallpaper for you property. There are a host of well known wallpaper designers around the world, so let’s consider a few from whom you could choose your designs:

Graham and Brown
In recent times the world has taken a renewed interest in dynamic wallcoverings and patterned papers, and a large part of this is down to Graham and Brown. With companies all over the world, from the US to Canada, and Russia to China, as well as their original base in the UK, they are recognized as a powerful influencing presence and creative source in the industry. They have hundreds of different wallpaper designs to choose from, all in different styles and colors, and influenced by different cultures around the world. Some of their more luxurious designs can be bought for $185 per roll.

Osborne and Little
In the world of wallpaper and fabric design, Osborne and Little are a leading name. With a worldwide reputation for both quality and innovation, they have grown to become a huge global brand from their lowly roots in London during the Swinging Sixties. For four decades their designs have been right at the heart of the interior design industry, from the paint effects from the 1980s to the holographic papers of 2010. They are also the proud distributors of two highly distinguished brands: the elegant design studio from Paris, Lorca, and the world famous interior designer Nina Campbell. As such, they are able to offer an unparalleled range of luxury wallpapers in all sorts of styles ranging from classic to modern, each costing up to over $200 per roll.

York Wallcoverings
York Wallcoverings are a retailer of luxury wallpapers based in York, Pennsylvania. They currently offer over 15,000 specialist wallpapers to both commercial and residential markets, and are well known for incorporating special materials into their designs, such as swarovski crystals, flocked fibres, sand, and glass bead embellishments. With an enormous archive of designs and documents dating back to the 1700s to take inspiration from, York are able to create an endless supply of unique and luxury designs to suit any home. Since 1895 they have been the leading supplier of luxury wallpaper in America, and continue to have a huge influence on the interior decorating industry to this day.

The most expensive wallpaper in the world is known as ‘Les Guerres D’Independence’ and costs nearly $45,000 for a set of 32 panels. If these panels were to be sold separately, this would equate to a little over $75 per square foot. The military scene depicted on this wallpaper is created using 19th century woodblock prints and usually takes more than a year to finish. It is created by Zuber in France, but sells most popularly across America. For absolutely luxury and a more exclusive and unique set of wallcoverings, Zuber are the designers of choice.

It is also possible to commission artists to develop unique designs for your home. The most famous example of this is when the artist Mark Evans created what is now known as the most expensive wallpaper ever for a Russian Billionaire. The artist achieved this by carving photorealistic designs into leather panels in the home, with the costs mounting to $2,400 per square foot, and the overall cost of the project reaching around $2.84 million. For a design that is completely unique to your home, consider commissioning an artist to do the job.