Luxury Spas

Posted on December 2nd, by admin in Lifestyle.

Luxury Spas

No luxury home is complete without a beautiful backyard landscape and a beautiful spa.  Spas have been used since the mid-second millennium B.C. by the ancient Greeks, Arabs and Romans for ultimate relaxation. There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day and having a relaxing and therapeutic soak in your very own luxury spa.  If you’ve recently built your dream home and you’re looking to incorporate a spa, or you’re looking to upgrade from your existing one, these are a few stunning features that can be added to make your soaking more enjoyable.

Traditional spas were embedded in the ground, so the outside appearance didn’t really matter.  However, nowadays most luxury homeowners choose for their spas to sit above ground, so there are many options to choose from for the outer finish.

Some common luxury spa finishes include:

  •     Stainless steel
  •     Copper
  •     Marble
  •     Title
  •     Stone
  •     Bamboo

Traditional spas are much like jacuzzis, which have jets mainly on the inner perimeter. This is because the traditional spas were either square or round.  However, luxury spas are fully customizable and can take on just about any shape.  Some of the higher end luxury spas contain contoured seating specifically shaped for relaxing and lounging.  These areas normally have several jets built into them for the purpose of massage.
When creating your luxury spa, keep your jets to a minimum.  Several small jets may make the spa look bubbly and luxurious; however, when you’re in it, the jets emit high pressure that may be a little too hard for comfort.  Try incorporating a few large jets to give a massage feel. Artiseian Spas is one of the top manufacturers of luxury spas with dozens of jets types to chose from.

Usually, people place their stereos outside to enjoy relaxing music while lounging in their spas However, you want your spa experience to be higher-class, so why not add a sound system to your luxury spa. Hot tub sound systems are waterproof and they’re installed directly into the spa.  The speakers are located above water and the music is sent to the device through WiFi connectivity or Bluetooth.  Some spas also offer the option of adding iPod connectivity. Beachcomber Hot Tubs and Clearwater Spas are specialists in custom-made luxury spas with high-quality sound systems.

Lighting comes pre-installed in just about any spa available.  However, unlike the past where spas only had one lighting choice (round white lights), luxury spas now have the ability to incorporate color into the scheme.  Fiber optic lighting is a perfect addition to bring your luxury spa to life.  Aqua-blue fiber optic lighting gives a tropical appearance, soft blue lighting gives the appearance of sky, whereas pale green gives your spa a lagoon feel. If you’re eccentric and really want to showcase your spa as the statement piece of your yard, try deep purple or pink lighting. Dimension Ones Spas, L.A. Spas and Master Spas are all five-star rated luxury spa manufacturers who specialize in LED fiber and optic lighting.