Luxury Boats and Scuba Diving

Posted on April 29th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Luxury Boats and Scuba Diving

Ever wanted to dive from your very own luxury yacht? Say goodbye to dive shops and guides by investing in your own equipment. You can retrofit an existing luxury sea craft, even sailboats or catamarans, and dive anywhere in the world. If you don’t scuba dive but still want to breath underwater, skip to the end to learn about a neat alternative.

Air compressor
With your own air compressor, you’re free from the dive shop. But what kind of compressor should you get? It must be “high pressure”  (3000 psi) to work with dive tanks. It’s best to look for a “personal” (as opposed to “commercial”)  compressor. They are light enough to move on and off the boat, so you can decide to bring it with you, or fill your tanks first and leave it on land. Your best bet to actually purchase one is through a large online retailer, like Air Compressors Direct or Brownie’s.

Storage space
Remember that you’ll have to house a full set of scuba gear for individual divers, including masks, weight belts , buoyancy vest, regulators, wet suits, and fins. Make sure you have enough room to store the gear and access it without too much squeezing.

Boarding ladders
You might currently be able to get in and out of your yacht or sailboat without a boarding ladder, if you are swimming. However, with fins and thirty pounds of gear, you need an easy way to enter and exit. Boarding ladders are affordable and relatively easy to install, but make sure that you don’t drill and crucial parts of your water craft when you’re putting in the bolts! Because ladders need to match the hardware of your watercraft, you should consult with a professional boat builder or pool installer.

Don’t scuba dive?
Dive with surface-supplied oxygen

Don’t want to learn or carry all that gear around?
Consider surface supplied diving! Instead of breathing from autonomous tanks, surface-supplied diving systems pump air directly from a “low pressure” tank into pipes that a few divers can breathe from. This type of diving sometimes called “hookah diving,” after the Middle Eastern tobacco pipes with multiple tubes. SNUBA offers a wide selection at reasonable prices.

The advantages
less gear, no certification, and lower cost. You also don’t need to be certified in diving. With some models, the air compressor actually floats above the divers, so it doesn’t need to clutter the boat until you pack up and set for home.

The disadvantages
limited movement. Divers using surface-supplied oxygen are literally tethered to the air compressor. On the bright side, they can’t get lost.

Whether you use scuba or snorkel supply, these tips can get you started on the path to diver independence. Enjoy those reefs on your own terms, and dive anywhere your ship sails!