Living Texas Style: Luxury in the Lone Star State

Posted on October 15th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Living Texas Style: Luxury in the Lone Star State

If you think that Texas style starts and ends with cowboy boots or waving American flags, it’s time to edit that vision of Lone Star State design. Texas is more than just the state of big and bigger — yes, some elements of Texas luxury still live on a larger scale than most places, but the overall aesthetic has become more refined than the stereotype might suggest. Modern style in Texas encompasses everything from streamlined and ultra-contemporary to a more traditionally Southern feel. If you want to bring that vibe into your home (whether you live in Texas or not), here are some of the objects and design approaches to try.

Take a Masculine View

One of the holdovers from a more typically Texan aesthetic is a penchant for muted colors and rich textures that reference a gentleman’s study. Wood paneling, baseboards, and chair rails can all add an old-fashioned spin on that vibe. Similarly, turning to textures like leather (on upholstery or as a paint effect) can help give your home that handsome, comfortable ambiance. Wood tones and exquisite wood flooring provide a great framework. The spaces in this house show that off.

Keep It Generous

While bigger is not necessarily better, everything in a Texas-style home should feel generous. Chairs and sofas should be large and comfortable enough that you and your guests feel invited to linger, like this timeless interior from 2003. Light levels should be balanced so that it’s easy to see what you’re doing, but not so bright that it feels clinical — keep tones on the warm side, even in light bulbs. The same goes for the room’s accessories — curtains and pillows should look abundant.

Looking Lived-In Is Good

Even in a luxury home, the sense of having at least a few items that have been well-loved is a cornerstone of Texas style. That doesn’t mean keeping a worn-out sofa, but it does mean adding a few carefully curated items that have personal or design significance and a past. Think of things like antique accessories or the occasional piece of memorabilia. The same goes for paint and flooring effects or rustic finishes like these.

Use Color Well

Neutral tones dominate the Texas look — especially the ranch style. Those colors are readily found in the landscape, and interior design should reflect that. Walls in shades of beige or cream provide some warmth without being too dark. For cozier spaces, light browns and terracotta can create a more intimate vibe. These spaces use neutrals for an effect that is both polished and relaxed.

Don’t Shy Away From the Lone Star Image

While you don’t have to go overboard with cowboy style themes, a few classically Texan touches are a great way to finish off the look of your home. Leave the cowboy boots and 10-gallon hats for Halloween — subtle accents are the way to go. Think about details like a star in a fireplace screen or a patriotic piece of artwork. You can also use small hints of more typical Southwestern ranch accents such as cowhide prints. Just keep them in proportion to the room; a cowhide-print rug just might be overkill.

These are only a few suggestions for adding a dash of Texan flavor to your home. Remember, there are no hard-and-fast rules for what to do. Nailing Texas style means creating a certain ambiance. It’s best defined as a welcoming, generous, and down-to-earth vision of luxury, where adults can feel at home and kids can play freely.