How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxurious, Decadent Home Spa

Posted on December 16th, by admin in Lifestyle.

How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxurious, Decadent Home Spa

While money may not buy happiness, it can buy a wonderfully luxurious master bathroom that should be an oasis away from your cares. Create your own at-home spa that doubles as a dream sanctuary. Here are some of the top designs right now that will bring a decadent feel to your bathroom.

Sunken tubs
When it comes to a true deep soak, you have an ocean of options. For tired muscles, you need something magnificent like the Duravit Starck tub, which can be secured for a soothing 10 grand or less. If you are prepared to splurge, consider the Kohler Purist, with accented chromotherapy lights that adjust to your mood so that you and your partner can watch your relaxation bloom in a vibrant display of color.

Vanity of vanities
For a happy marriage, keep your vacations together and your bathrooms separate. Or at least make sure you have two sinks. That way, you and your partner can prepare for a night out on the town at the same time. Maitland-Smith offers great examples of top shelf vanities with crushed terracotta inlays, patina brass dolphin appointments, and natural shell inlay mirrors. Luxury accessories from Labrazel, like mouth-blown glass items from Italy, put everything in perspective. Personal care products, lotions, oils and scents from Mistral will keep you looking, feeling and smelling beautiful.

Shower and teller
It’s OK to brag. Explain to your friend that they haven’t had a real shower until they can do yoga poses to music in the mist. Christopher Grubb, interior designer to the stars, recommends a glass enclosed room with marble steps and waterproof speakers to really wash away your cares. Or go European, with multiple shower heads up and down the wall from Houzz. A fixed rain-shower head combined with a pulse wand and steam units will take some time to install, but imagine a shower that makes you want to get out of bed.

Here comes the sauna
For thousands of years, the Scandinavians have endured brutal winters by means of birch wood, burning rocks and a little water. Installing a sauna turns your lavatory into a full home spa. You might as well go with the originals, B+S Sauna Finland if you want to do it right. No wonder the Norse gods sound so happy in all those operas.

Warm marble floors
The Ancient Romans knew how to live. The ruins of a Roman villa in Vieux-la-Romaine, near Caen, displayed remains of copper pipes to warm the marble floors. Not bad for 2,000 years ago. If only they had figured out how to make a toilet. For most of us, marble bathroom tiles are a sign of true luxury, but have you ever stepped from a warm bath onto cold marble? Brrrr. Heated marble is essential if you want to keep that hard-earned relaxation. ILM from Pietrasanta, Italy, represents marble tile artists like Botero and Mitoraj for the finest heat-conducting floor art.

The towel of Babel
Say what you want about towel warmers, hot cotton body wraps are something everyone can agree on. Once a fixture of low-rent hotels, towel warmers are chic again. For a true spa setting, select rubbed bronze racks like the Montpellier from Artos. Or complete the fantasy with aromatherapy oils effused through the 200 Series towel warmers from Mr. Steam. You might have to take another bath, just so you can towel off again.

The average person spends almost four hours per week in the bathroom. That adds up to about seven and a half days per year or one and a half years over a lifetime. With the right bathroom, you can do much better than that!