How to Set up a Home Gallery

Posted on February 27th, by admin in Lifestyle.

How to Set up a Home Gallery

If you have been amassing a collection of fine art or are just beginning to think about someday having a collection, one of the best ways to showcase your prize possessions is by setting up a home gallery. You can either add an extra space onto your home or turn an existing room in a gallery. You can even use a basement or garage area to create a more industrial look if you like. Here are some tips for setting up a home gallery, regardless of which room you choose to use.

Option 1: Create a Gallery Wall

If all of your art consists of wall paintings or photography, a luxurious way to display it is to create a gallery wall. A gallery wall is a wall in your home where artwork of all different sizes is framed and hung in some kind of pattern. The pattern can be filling the entire wall and leaving the same size lines of space between each frame, which creates a bold and stunning effect. Or you can cover only a portion of the wall with your art, such as a square or rectangular block over the sofa. This is a great way to display your art if you are still building your collection and don’t own many pieces yet.

Option 2: Creating a Full Gallery

We’ve already discussed the possibility of a gallery wall, if you have a small collection. If you have a large collection you’ll want to consider different ways of displaying the work. Some people like using easels in addition to hanging art on the walls. This can allow you to make better use of the space by displaying pieces in corners where it’s hard to hang them. This is the part that allows you to get creative in thinking about where you would like each piece to go and which ones you would like to feature more prominently. You can also rotate your work from time to time, so that different pieces are featured at different times of the year.


Lighting is an incredibly important part of designing a gallery. If you can, try to choose a space that gets natural light through a number of windows. That will help showcase your art in the most natural fashion. However, if a room doesn’t get natural light or if you’d like to display work in the evening hours as well, you should invest in overhead track lighting. Track lighting is great because you can direct the light onto a specific point, so you can highlight each work individually. You could also consider a chandelier if you want to add an extra elegant touch to the space.


Furniture is another key aspect of setting up a gallery in your home. It’s important to have furniture that works well with your art pieces, i.e. more modern for a contemporary collection and more traditional for a collection of older works. You can decide whether to have a full furniture set where guests can gather or simply a sitting bench or two.

Creating a home gallery space can make an elegant and luxurious addition to your home. It’s a refined area showcasing wonderful pieces of art from your collection and can be used to entertain your friends.