Gourmet Shopping in Dallas

Posted on August 14th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Gourmet Shopping in Dallas

Anyone who has been to Dallas knows that it’s a city full of eclectic charms. It’s a very modern and sophisticated city with a lot of historic southern charm that draws in travelers from around the world, and is the top destination for visitors in Texas.

In Dallas, you’ll have no trouble finding top-notch hotels, restaurants, local and international arts, year-round sports and endless entertainment options. In the midst of all this activity, you’re bound to get hungry. It’s a good thing that Dallas has no shortage of excellent food. Dining at restaurants is a great option, of course, but if you live here or want a more intimate setting, why not pick up some gourmet groceries and make a cozy meal at home or a picnic under the stars? Here are some of the best places in Dallas to find gourmet foods.


This rustic family-owned bakery has breads and pastries that melt in your mouth. It’s located in Grapevine and makes for the perfect stopover to pick up homemade, impossibly fresh boules, baguettes, cookies and warm breads. Baking since 1996, everything’s made completely from scratch by the owners, Petra and Mark Lively, who use only the best organic flours, seeds, grains and herbs. They bake their hearth breads on the floor of a deep-deck European oven, and you will certainly taste the difference!

Central Market

This upscale grocery, located in Upper Greenville, offers only top-of-the-line products. It’s a dream for foodies who are looking to stock their pantries for a party or just for themselves. If you need gifts to bring to a dinner party or send out for a celebration, this is the place to look; it has a floral department that makes beautiful flower arrangements and a home goods section with all the bath and body products you could dream of. Pretty much everything offered is organic and exceptionally well made, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality here. It’s a cheese shop, butcher shop, fish market and wine shop all in one. What’s better yet is that they also online shopping; you can send a loved one box of Texan goodies to remind them of home!

Chocolate Secrets

Looking for the chocolate shop to end all chocolate shops? Chocolate Secrets in Oak Lawn might be the answer to your wishes. It has hand-painted chocolates on display in all kinds of radiant colors and flavors. Chocolatier Kate Weiser has made a name for herself making decadent chocolate treats that sometimes take up to four days to prepare. This attention to detail really shows in the 21 flavors, including cool mint and sea-salt caramel. Send the ultimate chocolate lover the Gourmet Chocolate All Year subscription; for $540, they will receive a bundle of gourmet chocolate goodies every month for the greatest chocolate experience.

Molto Formaggio

Located in Highland Park Village, Molto Formaggio aims to bring you an authentic European shopping experience. The shop specializes in exquisite gourmet cheeses from all over the world, and it also offers specialty wines to pair with your cheeses. It’s great place to find luxury items and gift packages for special occasions. The shop is based on an idea formed in Florence, Italy, in 2008. The owners thought that Europeans had a much more distinguished approached to selling cheese and wanted to bring the same feeling of that European approach back to Dallas.