5 Places to Go on Vacation When Money Is No Object

Posted on February 20th, by admin in Lifestyle.

5 Places to Go on Vacation When Money Is No Object

Vacations are a time of fun and relaxation, but if you want the best that the world has to offer, there are plenty of luxurious getaways that you will always remember. Here are the top five places in the world for a vacation when price is no object.


Oslo is one of there world’s most expensive vacation spots. Filled with Viking history, Scandinavian charm and famous fjords, the capital of Norway is also very expensive to visit. If you are searching for the best place to stay in Oslo, you will want to consider the Grand Hotel Rica. More than a century old, this hotel is known for guest rooms that are elegantly furnished, three fine dining restaurants, 18 elegantly furnished function rooms, and its splendid location. There is even a whole Ladies Floor, with rooms that are individually designed and dedicated to female guests.

Musha Cay

Part of what is known as the Bahamas’ Out Islands, Musha Cay offers luxury everywhere you look. The price to rent Musha Cay for one night is nearly $40,000. If you are searching for a place to have a wonderful party with a small group of friends, this is the perfect spot. Musha Cay accommodates up to 11 people, and gourmet meals come with the price of the island. You can also go diving and deep-sea fishing, and at end of the day you get a personal firework show. If you really want to make it memorable, you can add a custom treasure hunt.


This hot spot in the Middle East was created for the people who are able to afford the high prices. From the man-made islands to the very luxurious and opulent hotel, the Burj Al Arab, you will find luxury at every turn. There are many things to do in Dubai, such as renting helicopters, sailing on a yacht and shopping. If you are really looking for the best Dubai has to offer, you can spend $20,000 per night at the best hotel in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab.


For those who are searching for Old World charm on their vacation, Tuscany is the place to go. Many of Tuscany’s hotels are actually historic villas converted into luxury suites. The region of Tuscany is filled with old world charm and very famous for its vineyards. A great option for those who want an amazing experience in Tuscany is the Belmond Villa San Michele. Originally a monastery, this hotel sits high above Florence, offering amazing views on your vacation.

Offering a feast for the palate as well as the eyes, the Belmond Villa San Michele also has a variety of restaurants offering tantalizing cuisine cooked with regional ingredients. If you would like to learn some secrets of Italian cooking, the hotel also has a cookery school right in it with famous chefs offering hands-on lessons. The rooms are furnished uniquely using antique pieces that are chosen carefully so the architecture’s history is represented.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles is a group of islands, the most luxurious of which is Fregate. Fregate’s private resort has just 17 villas built from African teak wood and mahogany. Each has a marble floor, an ocean view, a Jacuzzi and an infinity pool. You have to rent a villa for at least three days, and the rates begin at approximately $3,000 or approximately $1,000 per day.

When you are searching for a luxurious vacation, you will find that one of the vacation spots above will provide you with the luxury and experience that you want. When price is no object, the world is open to you.