4 Best Places to Go Sailing in Texas

Posted on June 4th, by admin in Lifestyle.

4 Best Places to Go Sailing in Texas

When some people picture Texas, they think of a hot, dry, desert and cowboy tundras. That’s not the case everywhere in Texas where beautiful lakes, rivers, and even coastlines await! Yes, Texas has beaches and plenty of lakesides, too, so there are more outdoor recreational activities to do than ride horses or hike. If you’re into sailing, the southern state has many options. Whether you want to get out on the sea and sail the ocean, or would prefer to sail somewhere more contained, it can all be found here. Check out the list below to find out more about some great places to sail in Texas. Then get out their on the open water and feel the breeze in your hair!

Texas Sailing Austin, Texas

If you are in the Austin area and you like to sail, check out Texas Sailing, located in Austin, Texas. Texas Sailing sails on Lake Travis in Austin. It’s run and owned by sailors themselves, who set up shop in 1965. At Texas Sailing, you can take sailing lessons, charter sailboats, charter yachts, or even lease one. If you are interested in getting some equipment to sail, learning how to sail, or being taken out on a nice sunset cruise, this is the place to do it. Also, if you don’t like salt water or the beach, Lake Travis is a great option, since it’s a freshwater lake.

Corinthian Sailing Club Dallas, Texas

On White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas sits the Corinthian Sailing Club, a club started in 1939 to promote sailing in the area. Corinthian Sailing Club also hosts sailboat races that are great fun to watch. There’s also a youth program where kids can learn to sail and one for adults, too. Also, the SMU sailing team competes and practices here! If you live in the Dallas area, the Corinthian sailing club is worth joining. On top of all the sailing you’ll get to do, you can also take part in the social activities hosted by its club.

Learn to Sail Texas Corpus Chrisi, Texas

Corpus Christi is located on the coast of Texas, and it borders the Corpus Christi Bay. So, if you like Ocean water better than lake water, get out on a boat at Learn to Sail Texas. It’s home to a sailing school, where adult and children alike can learn to pilot a boat. Students learn on a small, basic boat, so they can quickly conquer the basics. Eventually, students progress up the ranks and are able to sail boats on their own. The courses cover spans of several days and nights, so be ready to commit some serious time in the boat.

Windward Seaventure – Kemah, Texas

Kemah, Texas is located in the Galveston Bay area. If you want to get out on the bay there, you should check out Windward Seaventure, a place where you can learn to sail, be taken out on a sailboat by a pro, or rent a boat for your own adventure. Charter a boat with friends, or get better at sailing with instructors. Kemah’s a beautiful place, too, and being close to Louisiana, it has an entirely different feel that much of the rest of Texas.

Get ready to explore the open waters of Texas with these wonderful options.